Low Report Card

NXNE Report Card ’14: Low @ Horseshoe Tavern

Wednesday, June 18. Legendary slowcore act gives us something big and meaningful-like to bob our heads to.

- Jun 19, 2014

Background/Composition: Duluth, Minnesota's Low have been making moody, minimal post-rock for 20+ years. If "slowcore" is a discernible thing at all, they're it.

Low at Horseshoe Tavern
Dynamics: B-

I want to say "they're their best at their heaviest," but I just don't think those lumbering highs would carry the same payout were it not for the protracted buildups and all the gentle, pattering troughs and valleys. I suppose gross, old moderation wins again.

Selflessness: B+

Drummer Mimi Parker is stoic — she doesn't show off with flashy chops, she just leads the way with a mallet and a brush, carefully, but surely blazing the plod onward. This band wouldn't work with a Zach Hill or a Greg Saunier. In this case, as often, simplicity is elegance.

Self-Expression: B+

What the drunk dude yelling "Why aren't you all dancing" while he pulled at his personal pitcher didn't know was that while that slow, powerful nod that had overtaken the whole room didn't look like much, in our heads, we were flying.


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