a l l i e Report Card

NXNE Report Card ’14: a l l i e @ Tattoo

Wednesday, June 18. The experimental soul musician may have begun to find her voice.

- Jun 19, 2014

Background/Composition: Experimental soul musician that's killing it in Soundcloud plays. The more groomed, tonally dynamic sister of bizZarh.

Reciprocated Vibes: B+ 

A sizeable and surprisingly warm audience cajoled a l l i e to loosen up after a reticent beginning, and she fanned their mood to dance. The entire mood was as plush as Tattoo's stage-facing wall of cushioned booths (a fantastic idea).

Sound Setup: B

Starting off a l l i e would press play on a laptop at the other end of the stage, then return to her mic to sing. It was a bit awkward, but it's a testament to how strong the songs were that they further shone when a combination guitarist/bassist added some playful licks on top. A live drum kit would have been sublime.

Progression: B+

The songs began with a clear Soulquarian lineage, tender and humble homages. These tracings revealed a desire to fall outside the lines when she played her collaborations with Guelph producer Elaquent, whose beats are welcoming jumble sales of jamming digital instruments. But her final song "Private Island," - finished two days ago, she announced - felt like a joyful insurgent in her own set. It took all the previous bustle and tapped a confident, brawny energy. The audience's dancing peaked and a l l i e left the impression of an artist more interested in finding her own voice than replicating someone else's.


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