Maica Mia

NXNE 2014 Questionnaire: Maica Mia

We emailed a bunch of questions to Canadian acts playing at NXNE 2014. Here's what Maica Mia had to say.

- Jun 19, 2014
The merits of NXNE are up for debate, but what isn't are the great new Canada-based bands and musicians that play every year. We've assembled a series of mini-profiles of some smaller acts you should check out.
Maica Mia's experiments with guitar, programming and vocals form uniquely tailored atmospheres. You can watch the trio tonight at 9PM at Edward Day Gallery.

Are you working on any new music?

Yes. Lots.

Describe its sound using a food analogy.

Polish man hides in a sack of potatoes and yells "potatoe" when the police guard pokes the sack.

Are you playing any unofficial shows?

Is this a trick question?

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