Each Other Report Card

NXNE ’14 Report Card: Each Other @ Handlebar

Wednesday, June 18. Montreal-via-Halifax garage-warpers Each Other brought out their surreal pop jams.

- Jun 19, 2014

Background/Composition: “Montreal-by-way-of-Halifax” might be a well-worn pilgrimage for many Canadian groups, but Each Other’s lineage is the only conventional thing about them. The band are experts in psychedelic garage pop that intertwines its idiosyncrasies into gorgeous knotty hooks.

Sardine Factor: A

The layout of the Handlebar is not the best for shows that garner large audiences, as the people who were packed in tight can probably attest, standing on booths, chairs, or whatever they could find to get the best sightline.

Vocal Harmonies: A

The band is exceptionally tight, and possess a sheer talent and chemistry that is best demonstrated in a live setting. Hearing how well the group share, trade and bounce off vocals one another was remarkable, as their singing is the warm, gooey, melodic centre of every song.

Each Other performs "Buyer Be Brave" on a totally real beach | ChartAttack.com

Bartender Approval: A

I couldn’t help but overhear Handlebar co-owner Bruce Dawson’s glowing enthusiasm for the band while prepping a cocktail for someone at the bar: “man, these guys are really good!”


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