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NXNE 2014 Questionnaire: Whimm

We emailed a bunch of questions to Canadian acts playing at NXNE 2014. Here's what Whimm had to say.

- Jun 18, 2014
The merits of NXNE are up for debate, but what isn't are the great new Canada-based bands and musicians that play every year. We've assembled a series of mini-profiles of some smaller acts you should check out.
Whimm make airy, pleasant lo-fi music in Toronto. They're playing Smiling Buddha tonight with Greys, Mexican Slang, Beta Frontiers and Teen Tits Wild Wives, and on Saturday at Baltic Avenue.

What do you play?

We play as many different types of songs as we can and usually apply shades of drone, pop, and dissonance.

What present should a fan bring for you to the gig to show their appreciation?

Chris would like permission to smoke inside. Andrew would like a 3D modelled mask of his own face.

What's your favourite show you've ever played?

We played while a Spanish tourist sip n’ sing was happening in the same room.

What's your favourite thing on the Internet right now?


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Who are you most excited to see at NXNE and why?

Swans — Because they have a huge, pummelling sound that should bewilder the Dundas Square bystanders.

Oneohtrix Point Never — Because his last two albums were excellent and we want to hear the material translated live. We’ve also heard that his shows include some really interesting lighting and stage installations.

HSY, Mexican Slang, Odonis Odonis — Because they are our favourite bands in Toronto.

What's your favourite summer activity?

Late night pork bone soup and five bottles of beer combo, shootin’ racoons with BB guns, shoplifting at Sobey’s.

Are you working on any new music? Describe its sound using a food analogy.

We are working on new songs. It’s kind of like making head cheese.

Post a YouTube video that's the opposite of your band.

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