Mexican Slang

NXNE 2014 Questionnaire: Mexican Slang

We emailed a bunch of questions to Canadian acts playing at NXNE 2014. Here's what Mexican Slang had to say.

- Jun 18, 2014
The merits of NXNE are up for debate, but what isn't are the great new Canada-based bands and musicians that play every year. We've assembled a series of mini-profiles of some smaller acts you should check out.
Mexican Slang play garage rock in Toronto, for it to be heard in Hamilton. They're playing Smiling Buddha tonight at 11pm with Greys, Whimm and Beta Frontiers, and with Perfect Pussy at 1:30PM on Saturday.

What do you play?

Guitar, jaguar... purr.

Where are you from and what's your favourite thing to do there?

Ukraine & walk my grandma's cows.

What were you doing before you started answering these questions?

Rolling a joint. Are you allowed to print that?

How should we prepare for your NXNE show?

Get sauced, bring earplugs!

What present should a fan bring for you to the gig to show their appreciation?

Grilled cheese, artwork, blood in a vial etc.

What's your favourite show you've ever played?

Possibly during last year's NXNE... we played an after party at 2 am in our pal Ian's living room with HSY. So many crammed, sweaty, sexy people... it was great.

What's your favourite thing on the Internet right now?

Watching Jan Terri videos.

Who are you most excited to see at NXNE and why?

A$AP Ferg and Swans, they go hard.

What's your favourite summer activity?

Staying out all night and acting a fool.

Are you working on any new music?

Just finished up an EP for Buzz Records coming out in July, we're onto the next shit already.

Describe its sound using a food analogy.

I ate an egg, I became the egg.

What artist perk do you wish NXNE gave out?

Cab money & birth control.

Post a YouTube video that's the opposite of your band

Ted Nugent Rants ... Uncut, Uncorked and Uncensored! 2011(HD)

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