5 Homecoming Concert Films

5 Triumphant Homecoming Concert Films

When breakout bands play where they started out, it's something special. These movies capture those rare, magic shows.

- May 30, 2014

Pulp's new rockumentary A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets just put out its trailer, and it looks killer. Part of this is because the concert took place in Sheffield, the city Pulp started in, and musical films that take place where the artists are from run on a special electricity. Even if you've been to a concert for a much-loved act from your own city, you know: More people know the words, they cheer louder, and the artist can focus on performing rather than winning us over.

PULP : A Film About Life Death & Supermarkets Trailer

Fortunately, there are a bunch of concert films already out that capture this spine-tingling union. Below are five, and in all of them you'll see each artist's unique relationship to the hometown they're performing, and watch them do everything to earn the reception they get.

Blur: Live At Hyde Park (2009)

Blur - Beetlebum [07] (Live at Hyde Park 2009)

Before they headlined Coachella in 2013, The Britpop giants started their neverendingand lucrativereunion tour with a pair of gigs in London's Hyde Park.

James Brown: Man to Man (1968)

James Brown performs a medley of his songs. Live at the Apollo Theater. March,1968.

You might not be able to see King James perform at The Apollo for his 1963 album Live At The Apollo, but you can catch him and his band The Famous Flames six years later at the legendary venue in this special. And it's still the most good thing.

Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! (2006)

Awesome I Fuckin Shot That (Beastie Boys 2006) Paul Revere

Fifty audience members at a sold out Beastie Boys show at Madison Square Garden got cameras and filmed the New York rap trio's entire set. But it's far from a  gimmick: the significance of the homecoming's atmosphere is felt concurrently 50 times over, thanks to the first literally crowdsourced music film putting the fans behind everything. As they always are.

Shut Up And Play The Hits (2012)

LCD Soundsystem - New York I Love You (Shut Up And Play The Hits)

Another Madison Square Garden/New York show, this time for the final show from a group of indie darling discopunkwavers called LCD Soundsystem. Their following was fiercely loyal, though, as you'll see in the film, the audience knows it might never hear these songs live again, so they clap and dance like mad, because it helps them stay a bit longer.

Heima (2007)

Sigur Ros - Heima Trailer

Sigur Rós's tour of Iceland in the summer of 2006 was free and took a variety of scaled concerts to eight cities. Like Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!Heima reverses the idolatrous artist-audience relationship of the traditional concert film, instead paying tribute to the people and places that put them there. The result is touching, packed with surreally gorgeous staging, sometimes for no audience at all.

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