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RAMjams: FaltyDL remixes Vondelpark, Ben Frost, the hugely-anticipated return of Platinum Breakz and more…

Our weekly playlist of underground electronic music with lots of new stuff, both punishing and pretty.

- Mar 24, 2014
RAMjams is our streaming weekly roundup of remarkable underground electronic music you might have overlooked.
This week, FaltyDL's take on R&B, a hugely anticipated drum & bass label's compilation series gets a release date, and lots more.

1. Ben Frost, "Venter"

To bring his new album A U R O R A to fruition, Ben Frost brought Shahzad Ismaily, Thor Harris of Swans and ex-Liturgy drummer Greg Fox for the recording process. As you'd hope and expect from bands of that caliber, "Venter" is a cursed tomb slowly releasing its awful secrets: the brawny drums, the approaching black tide of synths, the frequencies so high they pinch your inner ear. It's a conference between scholars of destructive music. From the more insinuative beginnings right through to the obliterating climax, everything's machined together with an occultish alacrity, like they're transmitting the schematics for another dimension's methods for devastation.

2. DJ Punisher, "A1"

The DJ Punisher alias is a chance for LA producer Delroy Edwards to switch from "PURE/FUCKING/HOUSE" to something more amphibious and much darker. The rudderless, hell-penetrating drill bit is switched up full blast by a lo-fi highway stomp in a convergence of industrial and techno.

3. Blocks & Escher, "Madness"

Goldie's Metalheadz label will finally release volume 4 of their legendary Platinum Breakz series on April 28. For ages they've been promising "some of the very best D&B we've heard in years," and purists will find a lot to love in this snippet from Blocks & Escher. It's easy to see why Narratives, the label run by the two producers from the UK, is such a hit: "Madness" conjures the old-school galactic atmosphere with devastating breakbeats and plumes of kaleidoscopic ambience.

4. Rone, "Bachi-Bouzouk"

"Bachi-Bouzouk" measures its elastic lead elements with familiar structures (the mid-song drop, a run of the mill techno beat, etc.) It hits all the right marks despite the gummy wonk of the synths, with plenty of space for to bounce around your brain. It's taken from Erwan Castex's new EP as Rone, out April 7 via InFiné.

5. Vondelpark, "Closer (FaltyDL Blueberry remix)"

The woozy, two-sun magic hour R&B of Vondelpark gets a dose of hyper-compressed kicks and hi-hats like water skippers. The eclecticism of FaltyDL's production - well demonstrated on last year's Hardcourage - orbits around the original track, sad-eyed but with a burning intensity.

6. Imre Kiss, "Untitled"

The Budapest producer behind one of our favorite Bandcamp discoveries last year has quietly dropped a new track to his SoundCloud. It's even murkier than anything on midnight wave, its thick coat of grease occasionally breached by ribbons of warped drones calling out to each other.

7. LCC, "Quarz"

Here's a cut from d/evolution, the new album from Gijon-via-Northern Spain's LCC. It's a wandering, foggy drone dotted with a set of rhythms, humble at first then rousing: reversed clicks morph into popping drums, spurring the song's heart to pump icy pitch through its melodies.

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