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RAMjams: Oneohtrix Point Never’s Record Store Day release, Fort Romeau and more…

Weird beats, lovely symphonies and more electronic music for you to catch up on.

- Mar 13, 2014
RAMjams is our streaming weekly roundup of remarkable underground electronic music you might have overlooked.
This week, Oneohtrix Point Never's beautiful Record Store Day exclusive , the first taste of Slava's new EP, and more.

1. Kitkkola, "Blue Winking"

As a label 1080p is a comfortable home for electronic projects you could describe as hazed: Mind Dynamics, Perfume Advert, Luke Wyatt of Torn Hawk's new project Infiniti, and now Kitkkola. The first track from the new side project of Detroit's Ice Cold Chrissy routinely breaks its entrancing magic hour-tinted loops with clusters of phase and the occasional drop.

2. Fort Romeau, "Her Dream"

On March 17, Fort Romeau will release a new EP Her Dream on Live At Robert Johnson. The title track is pure fashion show disco, all sultry with its echoey female sighs and as sleek as one of those water catwalks.

3. Slava, "Better"

Don't mistake "Better" for an indication that Brooklyn producer Slava's sound has moved definitively towards two-step or progressive house: the sequencing of his last LP Raw Solutions featured songs loudly clashing their electronic genres, sometimes within themselves. Rather than indecisive, it makes him unique, and "Better" is yet another strong track keeping the streak alive.

4. Three Legged Race, "All Ajax Dial"

The new solo track from Hair Police's Robert Beatty enters like a heart monitor attached to a comatose acid house bassline. Melting anonymous vocal samples add to the disorientation, but it's really the demented cathedral bells tolling madly that give the track its canted colour.

5. Susan Balmar, "Ver"

From his just-released tape Signum, "Ver" is a sampling of the fractured, bite-sized beats strewn throughout the latest release from the prolific Perry Trollope. At just over a minute, the track drags it self over the parched landscape of a Cosmogramma-era Flying Lotus sample, sizzled into vapour with layers of noise.

6. CoH, "Meguro 10-6"

Ivan Pavlov's new record TO BEAT has been announced as a venture into beat production, a significant detour from his oppressive, free-form experiments. "Meguro 10-6" doesn't feature quietly menacing sub frequencies or scarred electronics on a level of evil black metal has nightmares about; it's the exact opposite, in that the machines sound benevolent. There's no particularly thick low-end to speak of; it's dominated by curious sprite-like synth lines whining and glistening parallel at first, but eventually they merge at the vocal sample into a thin, fine crosshatch.

7. Oneohtrix Point Never, "Music For Steamed Rocks"

For Record Store Day, OPN will release an exclusive interpretation of Witold Lutoslawski's Preludes in "Music For Steamed Rocks," a piece composed for Polish Icons at Sacrum Profanum. If all those words sound profanely moving, the track tops them. Like his R Plus 7 standout "Chrome Country," this track creates beauty from a seed of uncanny humanity in the form of a vocal patch, even while doing its best to highlight its true nature with bursts of alienating static. Even before it's beamed off into the distance for a doleful (and equally synthetic) second half, it's already reached you.

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