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RAMjams: Fennesz returns, Dauwd breaks out, and more…

The lights go off in the acid house, and lots more electronic music you might have missed.

- Mar 3, 2014
RAMjams is our streaming weekly roundup of remarkable underground electronic music you might have overlooked.
This week, Fennesz announces a new album, two great and weird acid house tracks, a pair of Montreal producers team up, and more...

1. East India Youth, "Dripping Down" (Luke Abbot remix)

The good news for fans of East India Youth's original globo-pop single is that this new version retains it's biggest strength - the exultance - and stretches it out into sheets of golden choirs and four-on-the-floor. Pure radiant, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel theme music.

2. Dauwd, "Lydia" 

Recent Kompakt signee and 2012 Uncharted alumnus Dauwd is releasing his new 12" KINDLINN on April 7th. Stripped of easily distinguishable yet musically uninvigorating markers (sizzling, pitched down moans, etc.), now more than ever his glittering, space age techno narratives have the effect of turning your eyes all the way around and showing you how your retinas work.

3. Willie Burns, "Woo Right (OG Version)"

The Dutch producer is one of the more assured composers of retro acid and house, because each track feels like the beginnings of a potential dialogue, rather than the didactic nature of a lot of callback electronic tunes. With some delayed house chirps, some rave stabs and two words that could have come from hundreds of sample packs, he gives a classic sound the soul of a contemporary production.

4. An-i, "Kino i (Dub)"

Acid house for a club in THX 1138? Doug Lee aka Lee Douglas introduces the An-i alias by highlighting that iconic squelch among totally disorienting surroundings. One simple, slasher-film arpeggio becomes the motor oil-stained foundation for a craggy structure full of creepy, mechanical moans and other processed flourishes aimed at the neck hairs of club fiends and cyborgs.

5. Dez Williams, "Acid Bath" (Ekman's r303ck remix)

Part two of this week's excursion into the demented basement of the acid house. Ekman's sound has the grimness of electroclash, as composed by a techy hermit, and the "r303ck remix" of the Elektronik Religion founder aims for the deepest, dankest recesses of where gunk-encrusted raving reels can go.

6. Fennesz, "The Liar"

Dr. Frankenstein and "It's alive!" is the immediate comparison that comes to mind from the opening shockwaves of the glitch king's first new single in four years. But imagine that Frankenstein had already created a monster, seen the tragic results, then inexplicably returned to build another one. This feeling of watching some kind of dreadful mistake relived from a bird's eye view drives the song to peak after frayed peak of ballooning, furrowed static in the Tim Hecker tradition.

7. Baal Astarté, "Potato Jazz"

The name of the new project from Montreal musicians Bataille Solaire and RAMZI is a portmanteau of two intimidating religious figures (or just one, if "Baal" is meant as a title, for all you heretical sticklers out there). Both artists share an irrepressible experimentation and sounds that melt borders, both the terrestrial kind and ones we can't see. That's the case on "Potato Jazz," which opens with chatter about Facebook, then continues referencing the structure of an online experience as glitchy techno. Beneath all the percussion piling up like digital waste, the malformed human interactions and the resultant anxiety that drills into you, there are enough soothing parts to the journey to keep your fight-or-flight neurons dulled and sedate, like a three-hour block of reality television.

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