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Speakerblogggs: Mike WiLL Made It’s new hit, an old Soulja Boy verse gets flipped, and more…

Plus tracks from Denzel Curry, 100s and lots more hip-hop you should hear.

- Feb 28, 2014
Speakerblogggs is Chart Attack’s weekly roundup of great hip-hop that we think deserves more play.
This week, Mike WiLL Made It strikes gold again, 100s returns to the bad/good old days, and more...

Poter Elvinger, "Lambo"

Drake has recast Soulja Boy as an architect of big and simple hooks, and London producer Poter Elvinger has a similar idea in mind for "Lambo." Using a Soulja verse from MC Dementor & Decordha's "Starz Life," he condenses the 12-bars-too-long screed into a tidy verse within an aerodynamic, wax polished beat. You get out of a fancy car to this one for days.

Denzel Curry, "Stadium Starship"

We know the former Raider Klan rapper is preoccupied with spiritual transcendence in dire settings. Once again opening with audio of journalists numbly recounting more senseless black death, Curry raps a recipe for how he elevates over the haunted sounds that dominate the song's internal narrative: "My glock is grey matter."

Jagwar Ma, "Uncertainty" (MssingNo remix)

Before his tour with Evian Christ, Mssingno joins the growing chorus of Jagwar Ma remixers with a take on "Uncertainty." There are a few sonic nods towards classic grime, in the lead synth and restless shuffle of the drums. But the pitched-up vocals, swelling bass and occasional influx of distortion means the track could also just as well be a remix of a Crystal Castles b-side.

Rae Sremmurd, "We"

Mike WiLL Made It's latest prodigies take their name from his crew Eardrummers (Rae Sremmurd = Ear Drummers. See? It's pronounced "Ray Schrimmer" too). You may heard an except of the track off Will's latest mixtape #MikeWiLLBeenTriLL, and now the full version is here, a "Tipsy" for 2014 with Travis Porter's sense of druggy, reckless fun. Except here, the Atlanta brothers have had more than a few, the party's beginning to become past tense, and the cartoony whines and stark beat hit with the onset of a hangover/comedown cocktail.

Kevin Gates feat. Doe B, "Amnesia"

Each new track from Gates' new By Any Means mixtape (out March 18) has the Louisiana rapper moving even further away from the raw, Nicholas Sparks-inspired raps than his weary Stranger Than Fiction, and towards a more distant and club-centred view of romance and sex. "Amnesia" continues this movement, and guest stars the late Doe B. Gates might be the kind of rapper to openly admit that he's not okay, but that doesn't meant here's anything you can do for him.

100s, "Ten Freaky Hoes"

100s seems dedicated to making white rap critics flop sweat, by bringing the inevitable Too $hort misogin-lyricism revival. But the good news is that the roll call of sexual conquests that is "Ten Freaky Hoes" is just as much a part of the blaxploitation-hearkening character as that silky hair. It would be easier to ignore if he wasn't such a detail oriented lyricist - his descriptions are so trim and effective, they shoulder to the front of your brain wearing crocodile shoes and laughing at your mealy-mouthed protestations.

Paul White, "Drivin Guts"

The samples that make it into Paul White's beats usually sound like obscure cuts from global psychedelic traditions, '70s Euro slasher flicks, that sort of thing. His style vivifies Danny Brown on every track they do together, but "Drivin Guts" probably works best as an instrumental, a tropical interlude under darkening blood-red skies.

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