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Speakerblogggs: Mykki Blanco drops a banger, Lakutis and ISSUE have new albums, and more…

New and great hip-hop from Overdoz., Damon Frost and more. Plus, the best Pharcyde reference of the week.

- Feb 19, 2014
Speakerblogggs is Chart Attack’s weekly round-up of great hip-hop that we think deserves more play.
This week, hear previews of albums from Lakutis, ISSUE, and Damon Frost. Plus, the best Pharcyde reference of the week.

BC Kingdom, "DWN4U/JEEPS"

We last heard BC Kingdom on Saint Heron, a collection from Solange Knowles' new label. And like "Lock Up," the influence of Timbaland/Aaliyah washes over like a black velvet curtain, the filtered raps dovetailing with finger-snap quick hooks, the embrace of "dark" elements for beautiful sentiments. The duo take on the role of the hyper-extravagant provider, lasciviously promising Caribbean vacations, blown minds, and Jeeps.

ISSUE, "Ten Monks" (produced by Supreme Cuts)

ISSUE, originator of the sleepy, tea-obsessed free associations popularized by Sweden's Sad Boys, is releasing his new album on Greedhead, the label founded by Himanshu of Das Racist. It's a pretty perfect fit: his apparently lackadaisical flow makes him easy to underestimate, especially on tracks like "Ten Monks," where he slyly flips up the boiling water that appearances on much crack rap into the start of a lovely cup of tea. Though he's a versatile and idiosyncratic producer on his own (compare the Ill Communication demo tape funk of "Gold & Cheese" with the noir slap on "Don't Disturb My Fly"), Chicago duo Supreme Cuts provide a woozy cut of underpass jazz that keeps the song's air of spontaneity alive.

Mykki Blanco, "She Gutta"

Mykki Blanco has many strains of confrontational in her arsenal. She's still craning her neck trying to meet your face long after you've broken eye contact. So just because her new song's a banger doesn't mean you're getting away clean. It's a Venus flytrap of a club anthem. Every element is covered in a thick and sticky substance, and before you realize it's more tar than honey it's too late. You're already filthy.

Lakutis, "Jesus Piece"

Lakutis - Jesus Piece (prod. by Steel Tipped Dove)

I'm In The Forest was great. His features are golden. If you don't know about at least some of the seven spiders of hip-hop, then you probably don't know Lakutis, the most underrated rapper on Greedhead's active roster (shout out Big Baby Gandhi). With Three Seashells out next week, Lakutis is reintroducing himself again for the first time on "Jesus Piece," featuring an unsettling beat from Steel Tipped Dove. Chicken franchise references and religious iconography come together seamlessly as only a skilled rapper can make them.

The Pharcyde, "Runnin'" (AbJo remix)

When you listen to The Pharcyde's masterpiece Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde, it's easy to both hear your own pains and covet the joys in the rhymes of the California group. AbJo makes a pilgrimage to one of their most popular songs "Runnin'," dreamlike and plush yet undeniably excited. There's a grateful sense that still, after all these years, something so perfect could still be a figment of our imaginations.

Damon Frost, "sTEP-uP"

On his new solo venture Damon Frost of Hearin' Aid takes his abrasive funk to new levels, finding ecstasy in eardrum eviscerating noise. The gospel chanting eases the passage of the mechanical belching, but eventually the organs are crushed and the vocals subsumed by wave after wave of honking hydraulic drops. It's like the baby elephant in the china shop that isn't aware of its size or the havoc it's wrecking. You can see a nice plate whenever. How often will you see a baby elephant? Turn your headphones down for this one.

Overdoz., "Hiroshima/Baby Steps"

OverDoz. - "Hiroshima/ Baby Steps"

After a few years of dropping mixtapes and honing their style, Overdoz. are taking every one of their four members to RCA (the label that released A$AP Rocky's LONG.LIVE.A$AP; Overdoz. featured on that album's "Pain.") While we wait for a full-length, here's some new visuals from their latest mixtape BOOM, two tracks that are perfect for fans of Frank OceanChance The Rapper, and flags.

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