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RAMjams: Star Slinger remixes Blood Orange, Ricky Eat Acid’s new record and more…

A special weekend RAMjams, featuring some of the best underground electronic music that's caught our ears this week.

- Feb 1, 2014
With the rise of the Internet as a music platform, affordable recording technology, and online audio distribution platforms, it's harder than ever to keep up with electronic music. RAMjams is our streaming weekly roundup of odd, unusual, or otherwise remarkable underground electronic music you might have overlooked.
This week, a bunch of pretty remixes and one astonishing debut from Ricky Eat Acid. AND: other stuff!

1. Rioux, “Trails”: Like Darkside, Erin Rioux specializes in a funky gloom that acts a sort of slipstream, pulling genres into a progressive and new dance music. It's taken from the 23-year-old Brooklyn producer's new album of the same name.

2. Trust, “Rescue, Mister" (Physical Therapy remix): On previous release HuffPhysical Therapy dismantled house music and built it up as into bizarro club bangers, effective and off-kilter. He makes similar work of Trust's venomous “Rescue, Mister”; it's refreshed and even bright, glowing like it's just emerged from a therapy session, studded wristband-free.

3. Glasser, “Shape (Sware remix)”: London's Sware has one okay EP to his/her name (and a nice nu-R&B ballad), but this remix of Glasser's underrated “Shape” takes off. The ode to solitude is taken into the club, where spritelike chords and grime's bass converge on the song's skittering syllables.

4. Grauzone, “Kälte Kriecht" (Alessandro Adriani remix): Grauzone's tenure as one of German coldwave's preeminent acts came to an end over thirty years ago. Now Alessandro Adriani of Mannequin Records has given their track "Kälte Kriecht" a new remix with lots of ghostly moans and words I don't understand into funky freakiness.

5. Blood Orange, “On The Line" (Star Slinger remix): Star Slinger put out a happy electro remix! It's true folks, and like the other ones, it's sweet and fulfilling like fast food breakfast (especially McGriddles).

6. AT/NU, “Shift”: Vancouver's 1080p is like Canada's higher-definition answer to Opal Tapes in the sprawling electronic wasteland its catalogue occupies. For “Shift,” think a kinder gentler Randomer. Montreal's AT/NU takes the same piledriving drumlines and gives them hot stone massages, just kneads out all the tension and grit into sweet ambience and calming underwater vocals.

7. Ricky Eat Acid, “I can hear the heart breaking as one”: Ricky Eat Acid's Three Love Songs album came out last week, and it's already almost sold out of its second pressing. People seem to resonate with the sound of the Maryland producer's downy ambience, a constant lush with the presence of a home recording made in the ashes of where you used to live.

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