New Year’s Count-Up: 1952 to 2013 in one playlist!

An epic, four-hour chronological playlist, with peaks and valleys for slow dances, makeouts, and champagne-popping.

- Dec 31, 2013

What’s a New Year’s Eve party without a good playlist? And what’s a good playlist without a good theme? Last year, we counted upwards towards New Year’s, charting the music that got us to where we are by examining where we’ve been, broadening our understanding of contemporary artists in the process. It was a huge, enlightening undertaking. Check it out, if you’ve got some time.

This year, to make that musical history lesson a bit more digestible, we’ve chosen one song from every year, 1952 to the present, and placed them all on an epic, chronological four-hour playlist. Narrowing it down to one song a year wasn’t easy, so we made those tricky decisions in the interest of New Year’s partying, with all the requisite peaks and valleys for slow dances, makeouts, and champagne-popping shit-losing. It gets rowdy once we hit the ‘90s, so we’d suggest starting the thing around 9ish. But, hey, it’s your party.

We also added some Kanye for 2013, selecting it from our (similarly epic) best songs of 2013 list. Throw that one on afterwards, if you’re looking for something to take you to right to sunrise.

Happy 2014!

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