Chart Attack’s Holiday Gift Guide: Music Books of 2013

Gift tips for music nerds... those who like to read.

- Dec 9, 2013

It's the holiday season again, and we at Chart Attack are outlining all the things you should buy your loved ones, and also us. So read on, buy at least one thing, and carry it around with you, so you can give it to us if you see us on the street. Today: the most giftable music books of 2013.

We've given you links to grab these online, but hey, support your local book shop. Don't forget to share each post with your friends and coordinate so they don't buy us the same things.

Mexican Summer: Five Years

Mexican Summer: Five Years

The package: Celebrate the five year anniversary of the label behind some of the year's most intriguing artists with this 256 page book, featuring lots of art, photos and editorials. Plus, it comes with a 10" of grand new collaborations between Mexican Summer artists, like these two songs by Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht, as well as the Autre Ne Veut/Fennesz collab. Act quick, though: It's limited to 1,000 copies.

Who's it for?: Us. Also perfect for the indie darling in your life. It's great underground music, exclusive content, and the dying medium of print, all in one.

Order it here.


Tracey Thorn

Tracey Thorn, Bedsit Disco Queen

The package: The memoirs of one half of the much-missed Everything But The Girl. Her beginnings in music and her travails in the industry leave little doubt of a compelling read.

Who's it for?: Us. Everyone But The People Who Don't Like Nice Books.

Order it here.



J.M.R. Higgs, The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band Who Burned a Million Pounds

The package: It's hard to believe that The KLF, an anarchistic art project elevated to pop superstardom, once existed at all. Considering they erased their entire back catalogue before retiring, you may not have even heard of them. But they did, and this book aims to be the same kind of definitive document for The KLF's career that The KLF's “Manual” was for pop music.

Who's it for?: Us. And anyone intrigued by unsolved pop mysteries.



Questlove, Mo Meta Blues

The package: The drummer from The Roots and cultural icon takes his own spin on the traditional memoir, hybridizing it with essays and anecdotes. If it's written in the same style as his famous celebrity stories it deserves to be the next Hunger Games.

Who's it for?: Us. And your favourite square peg tired of all the round holes keeping him down.

Buy it at Questlove's website.


Bob Stanley Yeah Yeah Yeah

Bob Stanley, Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story Of Modern Pop

The package: You can't claim to be an authority on anything until you've read an 800 page book about it. And now, Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley has charted pop music from its beginnings to the present day in one massive analysis.

Who's it for?: Us. Parents who just don't understand. Parents who say they understand and won't stop talking about how much they understand.


Dayv Matt Rewind

Dayv Matt, Rewind: Toronto's DnB Scene In The Late '90s

The package: Did you know that Toronto once had one of the biggest rave scenes in the world? Probably not, because there's so little record of it. Dayv Matt was one of the few to bring a camera to those massive parties, and now he's made available for download as a PDF a selection of photos he took at the scene's peak between '98 and 2000.

Who's it for?: Us. Any member of a rave nostalgia Facebook group.


Morrissey Autobiography

Morrissey, Autobiography

The package: Finally, the lead singer of The Smiths is breaking his decades long media silence to say something publicly about what he's most passionate about: himself.

Who's it for?: Us. The English-literate animals in your life.

Grab it from Penguin.


How To Rap 2

Paul Edwards, How to Rap 2: Advanced Flow and Techniques

The package: Even if you're not someone who raps at home, alone, in your bathroom, with the water running so your neighbours can't hear you through the wall, any rap lover will be thrilled to read instructions from rappers in their own words on how they create verses.

Who's it for?: Us. Anyone who ironically uses ebonics on Twitter. That poetry teacher who really inspired you in high school but you think might have been racist.

Order it here.


Bun B Coloring Book

Bun B, Bun B's Rapper Coloring and Activity Book

The package: 48 pages of hip-hop colouring and games! Get 'em while they're young! It's for whatever children ODB was talking about!

Who's it for?: Us. Those who want a cool kid.


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