The Best Songs of November 2013

Listen to the best songs of the month, featuring Jamie xx, Disclosure, ScHoolboy Q and more.

- Dec 5, 2013

It's our last monthly round up before our onslaught of year end lists. What a ride! Will any of these best songs of November make our best of 2013? Maybe! We'll have to see! They're really good, though! Don't pressure us!

A$AP Ferg feat Shabba Ranks, Migos, and Busta Rhymes, “Shabba (Remix)”

'Kissin' Pink' announced A$AP Ferg as one of 2011's most compelling weird voices in rap, and his 'Shabba' remix is a rogue's gallery of ear-tweaking flows.”


“Overwhelming but never overwhelmed, carousels of electronic tones whirl in and out as Berglund reintroduces his utterly inviting Pied Piper singalongs.”

Álauda, “Cyan Water”

“Its sunny sounds are oil-slicked with a bizarre substance that transforms benign Ace of Base proto-reggae like it's been blasted with like Fukushima radiation.”

Todd Terje, “Spiral”

“'Spiral' is a bit more loyal in tone to the cover art: battle-ready in razor-tipped shades, but still carefree, no matter the number of attacking cartoon ducks.”

ScHoolboy Q, “Man Of THe Year”

“Its new age-y drone is the slow motion descent of empty blunt wrappers and full dimebags, and enables Q to note on his triumph more than once amongst his rascally verses about stealing your girl and blowing a cheque in two days.”

Eating Out, “Come Around”

“The riffing gives the meek vocals, which sound like they've barely escaped Daniel Pitout's throat, some muscle, and evoke grunge's poppier incarnations (think the soundtrack for the opening shot of the high school in a Freddie Prinze, Jr. movie).”

Jaakko Eino Kalevi, “When You Walk Through Them All”

“Fortifying stuff that massages your frail ego with an airy atmosphere that photosynthesizes sex.”

Jamie xx, “Untitled”

“Disembodied and slightly scrambled, the track floats above the revelatory atmosphere it generates, applying tension between clashing elements, like the percolating strings and soulful chants, or the choirs processed to dreamy oblivion and the nearly robotic shuffle.”

Tame Impala, “Be Above It” (Erol Alkan remix)

“From the jump the titular mantra is streaked with futility. Paranoid psychedelic synths pile on top of each other, easing the track into a full on anxiety attack that includes a rib-cracking heartbeat of a kick and a feral, retina-imploding atmosphere.”

Joanna Gruesome, "Tugboat"

Starts off a nice gauzy wash, the perfect white noise to read articles to and otherwise catch up on some current affairs, and then Alanna McArdle screams and I'm banging my head, bashing this out at 100 wpm.

Cassie, "Indo"

Queue up Cassie's "Indo" and lo and behold, what's that sample we hear? That's Chart Attack office favourite Sean Nicholas Savage's "She Looks Like You"! The Solange-penned ditty strips the warm synths from the SNS tune and turns his billowy, heartbreaker into a minimal, R&B affair.

Grizzly Bear, "Speak in Rounds" (Bonde Do Rolê remix)

To think it only took a crunchy synth, some four-on-the-floor, and a few well-timed rim shots to transform singers Ed Droste and Daniel Rossen's studied melancholia into something that moves on a latin swivel, and something, dare I say, much more fun.

Disclosure, Nile Rodgers, Sam Smith, and Jimmy Napes, "Together"

Oh man, that first lyric: "Kiss my lips and taste the sauvignon/I wrap the vine around your thighs." Try that one out tonight, and be sure to thank Smith, Disclosure, and co. when you're doing the freakiest stuff of your life.

Porches., “Townie Blunt Guts”

“Reams of doe-eyed despair pour through layers of acoustic twang and furrowed sludge, like a day-drunk Dinosaur Jr.”

CYMBALS, “Erosion” 

“'Erosion' is sweetly adrift on waves of Hooky-indebted basslines and breathy yelps and sighs, forging its own path through the stale English synthpop clutter of years past with bright novas of synth tearing into the past and peeking into the future.”

Celestial Shore feat. Empress Of, “Die For Us”

“'s like the group's jammy roots have taken a series of deep, strong breaths, and exhaled a calmer, fluorescent tidepool. Shrink yourself down to starfish size and dive into the warm depths.”

Darkstar, “You Don't Need A Weatherman” (Zomby remix)

Darkstar - You Don't Need A Weatherman (cult x zomby remix (kollaps))

“...echoing with abandoned castles populated with skeleton beefeaters, marching in lockstep to a tidy garage beat, as brittle and beautiful as cobwebbed crystal.”

Four Tet, “Kool FM” (Champion remix)

“The Hyperdub producer flexes the elastic sine waves and tropical rhythms like a second language, dipping them in and out of perfectly timed shouts, drops, and filter passes.”

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