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ick Thorburn makes records because he wants to prove himself to you.

We don't know why – The Unicorns (RIP) are still fondly remembered as a staple of the early 2000's Canadian indie rock resurgence, and Nick's been steadily releasing varied but consistent music ever since. At the time of writing this, he's preparing for the release of Islands' fifth (!) full-length record, Ski Mask. And in the interest of hearing many more future Islands albums, we encourage you to tell him it sucks.

For episode 7 of Noisemakers, we convinced Nick to play us a Ski Mask cut, and we were kindly allowed to record the performance in a neighbourhood upholstering shop. Nick plucked out the grim "Shotgun Vision" between walls of cartoonishly stacked furniture, and then gave us a charmingly self-deprecating interview. Enjoy!

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