[list] Ten Tearjerking Metal Songs

Grab your tissues. The studded ones.

- May 8, 2013

Once you've spent the better part of two decade being associated with Satan, it's hard to convince some people you've got a sensitive side. Metal has been dismissed as a unholy racket for too long, but anyone who loves all its forms reveres its less bristly side, full of the kind of lighters-out anthems played in concert between two of the loudest headbangers. In no order, here's ten standbys that stopped our parents from banging on our door demanding an end to the "racket."

Metallica, “Fade To Black”

Metallica Fade to Black Full Version HQ + Lyrics

An eternal classic of “My car is shitty, everything sucks and this six pack I drank just made it worse” metal.

Mastodon, “The Hunter”

Mastodon - The Hunter

The perfect song for sharing a bottle of cheap vodka with your best buds as the Four Horsemen penetrate our earthly coil in a flood of hellfire.

Pantera, “Cemetary Gates”

Cemetery Gates - Pantera (HQ Audio)

The fact that I haven't been to a funeral where this has been played means I've been going to all the wrong funerals.

Alice In Chains, “Nutshell”

Alice In Chains - Nutshell HQ

This is a great once for pushing through a junior high school break up, until eight years later you meet someone who's dying of heroin addiction, and you're like “Oh.”

Baroness, “Stretchmarker”

Baroness - Stretchmarker

The drop into crunchy guitar solos might never come, but the tears might flow sooner than expected.

Black Sabbath, “Changes”

Black Sabbath Changes

One of the only songs in existence that could viably double as an '80s sitcom intro and the official theme for suicide by car tailpipe.

Pelican, “Final Breath”

Pelican - Final Breath

For ceaseless bouts of depression that leave you immobile, “Final Breath” could give you a second wind. I should be writing for Pfizer.

Danzig, “Going Down To Die”

Even terrible, awful people like Danzig have feelings! Or at least thoroughly convincing approximations. And that's what counts.

Motorhead, “1916”

Motörhead - 1916

An anti-war anthem both touching and confrontational of its causes. Lemmy's voice sounds like it could stop aircraft carriers.

Jesu, “Silver”

This one is great for when you're a huge cocktail of emotions, or if you haven't felt a feel in ages and want to try one out.

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