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[feature] Our 15 Favourite Artist Twitters of 2012

Look, we can all admit that we spend too much time on Twitter. At least make sure you're wasting your time on the right people.

- Dec 24, 2012

Twitter rules. It connects us with people we're interested in, broadcasts our minute-to-minute thoughts however mundane, and is a great way to kill time when you're making a poop. Like most of you, our feeds are full of our favourite artists, some of whom are particularly entertaining – here are our 15 favourite of the year. Who did we miss?

Phil Elverum

Whether sharing wonderful poems or life inspiration, we love getting a glimpse into the brilliant, hilarious mind of lo-fi mystic Phil Elverum of The Microphones and Mount Eerie.


Harmony Korine took inspiration from Houston rapper RiFF RaFF for James Franco's character in Spring Breakers. The dude calls himself the "rap game shooter mcgavin" — the "rap game cindy crawford," too.  Amongst all the talk of Gucci and girlfriend copping, RiFF RaFF also tweets on relationship advice and self-help.

Gold Panda

Gold Panda's tweets are reliably self-deprecating, but he's just happy that audiences turn out to watch him press his space bar.


Heems of Das Racist just dropped Wild Water Kingdom, and haters should be warned, he has some truly bad things in store for you.

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer sends out lots of pictures and videos from shows and all that usual Twitter stuff, but she's at her best when she's late for dinner with her man Neil Gaiman because she 's having too much fun wearing bras on her head (see above).


?uestlove's says he's "your favorite twitterer's favorite music snob." I'm not one for self-proclaimers, but just look at this diamond he mined.

Earl Sweatshirt

Everyone knows Earl Sweatshirt's a funny kid, but he's a smart kid, too. That's the kind of thoughtful doomsday planning I can get behind. He also has no qualms challenging the cultural worth of Stephen King.

Damian Abraham

To be certain, The Littlest Hobo still stands up, but Pink Eyes will also let you know who and what he doesn't like, namely, Tom Waits and a certain municipal politician.

Action Bronson

Action Bronson posts better food pictures than most critics, and better beard pictures than Rick Ross.

Jon Wurster

Superchunk drummer and Best Show regular Jon Wurster dependably tweets good one-liners like the above, but scroll back in time for his especially great coverage of the autobiography of Kiss' Peter Criss.

Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke has been tweeting billboard and menu curios from his tour with Lunice as TNGHT, but this short burst of honest-to-goodness visa application questions were particularly memorable.

The Black Lips

The Black Lips know how to have a good time. They're also keen collectors. A Xanax mug and an authentic WW2 bomber jacket ("a guy actually fought and kicked nazi ass in this thing," says Cole Alexander) count among the treasures they've documented here. Also, Bradford Cox of Deerhunter tweets from this handle on occasion.

St. Vincent

Reliably smart, cute quips from the charming Annie Clark, but check out this Sandy advisory. Autocorrected?

The Mountain Goats

Not surprising that the guy who penned "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" knows his way around a tweet. John Darnielle is a new father and this little burst of imagined Amazon reviews for kid's toys was pretty great.


...And this kinda thing from HEALTH, pretty much on the regular.


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