[feature] New Year’s Count-Up: 1983 in five songs

Behold, the quintessential horrible/hilarious '80s music videos.

- Dec 5, 2012

Journey - "Seperate Ways"

Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

This is the best worst music video of all time, hands down, no argument. Terribly directed, terribly acted, terribly conceived. It could very well be a dictionary definition of the term "dated." As such, it's completely fucking hilarious, but I guess we'll see who's laughing when you're unconsciously humming this bad boy for the next three weeks.

New Order - "Age of Consent"

New Order - Age Of Consent

Though New Order didn't sound so much like their predecessor Joy Division, "Age of Consent" is imbued with that band's robo drumming and simple structure, but with a bit more sunshine pouring through the shades.

Tears for Fears - "Mad World"

Mad World by Tears For Fears Original HQ 1983

It's hard to listen to the original version of this song without comparing it to Gary Jules' incredibly moving cover (which has an excellent Michel Gondry-directed video, to top it off), and the "which version is better" question is a subject of raging daily debate amongst loathsome YouTube commenters. Disregarding whether or not said rendition eclipses the original, it was the band's first charting hit and remains one of their most adored songs.

U2 - "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 (with lyrics)

Before U2 were a bunch of self-important assholes, they made this searing plea for humanity. Between the iconic guitar riff, the war-march drums, and the stirring violin (provided by a random local The Edge met at a bus stop), this song is an irrefutable rock masterpiece.

ESG - "Dance"

The highly influential yet widely unknown ESG made only one album before before they broke up and, though they reformed a decade later, Come Away With ESG is still regarded as their essential material. That's probably because it became one of the most sampled records ever, something which the band members are still sour about to this day (a 1992 EP was called Sample Credits Don't Pay Our Bills).

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