[list] Ol’ Dirty Bastard: A Rare Video Tribute

ODB died eight years ago today. We combed the Internet for the best, rarest footage of the MC.

- Nov 13, 2012

Eight years ago on this day, cocaine and pain killers took Ol' Dirty Bastards life. He was two days shy of his 36th birthday.

He was called the Ol' Dirty Bastard because there was no father to his style, and eight years after his death, he still doesn't have a worthy heir. It wouldn't be enough to celebrate ODB's life with just the stuff you heard on the albums: his public persona was too large, too era and genre-defining to leave out. We've compiled some rare performances, both solo and with Wu Tang, in order to pay tribute to the Drunken Master as only he can (and should) be remembered.


To start, here's an amazing “Brooklyn Zoo” performance...

Ol' Dirty Bastard Live pt1


...followed by an incredible freestyle.


That one wasn't long enough. Here's another one.

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Freestyle (Rare)


What the hell, here's another one, for an appearance with Method Man.

Ol Dirty Bastard & Method Man - Live On The Air (OG Rare) 1/2 *HOT*


Yeah, it's a studio cut, but you need to hear this rare ODB cut “Coochie” with a golden-age Ludacris

Ol' dirty Bastard feat. Ludacris - Coochie (Promo) (ULTRA RAR!!!!)


Yep, that's Jay-Z.

rare video ol' dirty bastard and ,jay-z


A bit of “Dog Shit” performed live.

(RARE) Ol´ Dirty Bastard - Dog Shit (live) (ILL PERFORMANCE)


Ason droppin' knowledge before and during an early Wu-Tang set... 

Wu-Tang Clan - ODB Intro & Proteck Ya Neck Live Rare 93


...where he performed the classic “Shame On A Nigga” with the clan.


Another early, early set...

Wu-Tang Clan - Rare Concert 1 Of 2 1997


Oh my god, this is the best birth control PSA ever.

Ol' Dirty Bastard Birth Control PSA


...and in conclusion...

Ol' Dirty Bastard interrupts Grammy's

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