[feature] Essential Albums: Humans

Vancouver-based electro duo humans praise a handful of classics.

- Nov 13, 2012

In an ongoing effort to better understand the musical influences behind new music, we’re asking artists to tell us about their be-all-end-all essential albums of all time ever forever. This week we spoke with Vancouver electro duo Humans.


Outkast - Aquemini (1998)

It was my soundtrack in Spain when I was 15. I tried (and failed) to pick up babes, bought my first drinks, and broke my nose in a harpooning accident ... All with Outkast in my ears. Listen: Full album

The Beatles - s/t (The White Album) (1968)

Required reading. Songwriting textbook. Also, my dad blasted Beatles on the way to the ski hill growing up. We used to make hitch hikers sing along. A huge influence. Listen: Full album

Nirvana - Nevermind (1991)

At 10 (Peter) and 8 (Robbie) years old, we heard something genuine and exciting on tv and radio, something we had been waiting for a long time. We were hooked from the first listen.

Listen: Full album

Daft Punk - Homework (1997)

An album that still sounds amazing and relevant today when oh so many electronic artist sound dated after just two years. Listen/watch: "Da Funk"

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauder (1993)

Kind of a tie with Wu Tangs' 36 chambers. Wasn't really into hip hop before then, but both those albums changed my perception of music altogether. Listened to a lot of hip hop after that. Listen: "Electric Relaxation"

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