10 things Snoop Dogg will do for money

So, what will Snoop Dogg do for money? Anything. Here is a list of ten things Snoop Dogg will do for money.

- Oct 18, 2012

“If you don’t like money, shut the fuck up.” If you don’t have any shame and will allow your image to be used literally everywhere for anything at any time for a price, your name is probably Snoop Dogg. Or Snoop Lion. Whatever. But, the Dogg you know and love didn’t die in the belly of a lion, he continues on with his ridiculous endorsements, like his latest travesty “Pocket Like It’s Hot”. It is probably what you expect. So the question is, “What will Snoop Dogg do for money?” Anything.

Snoop Dogg will change his hit single to sell Hot Pockets in “Pocket Like It’s Hot.”


Snoop Dogg will love your hot dog named after him.


Snoop Dogg will want to put new rims on your Toyota Sienna on Twitter.

Snoop Dogg will attach his name to a romance novel titled Love Don't Here No More, Doggy Tales: Vol. 1 (there is only one volume)


Snoop Dogg will rap about True Blood.


Snoop Dogg will let you know that “Hack is Wack,” then Norton will immediately disown the ad.


Snoop Dogg will voice a cartoon dog for a non-alcoholic malt liquor offshoot aimed at kids.


Snoop Dogg will also enjoy “Blast by Colt 45.


Snoop Dogg will star in the best/worst movie Boss’n Up, among many others.


Snoop Dogg will cook with Martha Stewart.


And the one thing Snoop Dogg will do for free? Wear a fish hat. Oh, and smoke weed.

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