Uncharted - Un Blonde

UNCHARTED: Restless post-punk prodigy Un Blonde finds stability in transience

Aug 20, 2014

18-year-old auteur Jean-Sebastien Audet talks leaving Calgary, personalized music and his unbridled new album, Tenet.

New Pornographers

INTERVIEW: The New Pornographers dive into the process behind their “defiantly celebratory” new album

Aug 19, 2014

We quizzed A.C. Newman and Kathryn Calder about their new record and found the truth in one free afternoon.

Exposures Wolfe Island

EXPOSURES: Photos from Kingston’s Wolfe Island Music Festival

Aug 15, 2014

Idyllic snapshots of Alvvays, Bry Webb, Cousins, Mozart's Sister and more from the cheery Kingston, ON mainstay.

Rags and Bones - VCR

RAGS AND BONES: Toronto trash-punks VCR and their weirdo offshoots

Aug 12, 2014

Our new monthly exploration of the loud and noisy happenings across Canada debuts with a premiere of VCR's "One Trick Dog."

High Noon in the Hammer - Arkells

High Noon In The Hammer: How Hamilton Has Defined Arkells

Aug 6, 2014

Arkells release their Hamilton-heavy third LP this week. But can the band find as adoring an audience outside their hometown?

OutKast - OVO Fest - Live Review

LIVE REVIEW: Outkast @ OVO Fest

Aug 5, 2014

Hip-hop's most desired legends take the stage and give the only show they can.

Your bacchanal-as-hell Caribana 2014 Playlist is here

Aug 1, 2014

Lace up your Clarks and blast some of our favourite Caribbean music from the year so far.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Live at the Sony Centre, Toronto - Concert Review

LIVE REVIEW: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds dramatize a greatest hits performance at Toronto’s Sony Centre

Aug 1, 2014

Nick Cave projected a carefully constructed version of a greatest hits concert, and the diehard crowd ate right out of his hand.

Reading List - Speedy Ortiz

READING LIST: The Speedy Ortiz Book Club

Jul 31, 2014

Each of the four members make a book pick, then they give us an oral history of an oral history.