Ryn Weaver - Rapid Fire

RAPID FIRE: Ryn Weaver almost joined the circus

Jun 10, 2015

Circus folk showed Ryn Weaver a good time, which almost made her leave this whole music thing behind.

Madeon - Rapid Fire

RAPID FIRE: Madeon reveals he is actually a robot

May 13, 2015

The French producer talks teleportation, robotics and linguistics. But, like, in a fun way.

Logic - Rapid Fire

RAPID FIRE: Logic gives a PSA and shares the craziest show moments

Apr 2, 2015

Maryland rapper Logic talks exploding Rubik's Cubes and a fan having a seizure at his show.

Rich Homie Quan - Rapid Fire

RAPID FIRE: Rich Homie Quan on his favourite weed strain and getting high with Wiz Khalifa

Mar 12, 2015

A whirlwind adventure to get to this interview all paid off as Rich Homie Quan spills on his fetishes and a blind date.

A$AP Ferg - Chart Attack Rapid Fire

RAPID FIRE: How A$AP Ferg almost drowned and died in a fire

Feb 25, 2015

A$AP Ferg on why he doesn't want to have sex with anyone famous, near death experiences, and a one-word preview of his upcoming album.

Dej Loaf - Rapid Fire

RAPID FIRE: DeJ Loaf talks 2Pac and Taylor Swift

Feb 19, 2015

The internet-ramous 23-year-old tells us about her favourite shoes, her love of 2Pac and Jay-Z, and shouts out her mom.

YG - Rapid Fire

RAPID FIRE: YG hates kissing and loves MySpace

Jan 22, 2015

YG gives a review of Taken 3 but ends up spoiling the entire movie.

Deafheaven - Rapid Fire

RAPID FIRE: Deafheaven describe their music to a 5-year-old

Nov 27, 2014

Watch George Clarke, vocalist of Deafheaven, reveal his teenage internet handle and review the film Interstellar.

Mac DeMarco - Rapid Fire

RAPID FIRE: Mac DeMarco tells his best joke and shares a party trick

Nov 19, 2014

Mac DeMarco's tooth gap is more than just a tooth gap - it's a key component to partying.