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Noisemakers S3E2: AroarA perform “#10” live in a garage

Nov 27, 2013

Andrew Whiteman and Ariel Engle strip down a song from their new album and all of a sudden marriage seems not so bad.

Noisemakers S3E1: Spencer Krug plays Moonface’s “First Violin” live on piano

Nov 11, 2013

The revered Canadian songwriter leads us through the most vulnerable song from his new record.

Noisemakers S2E8: Dinosaur Bones

Aug 23, 2013

The Toronto indie rock five-piece play music on our roof, and YES, we know The Beatles did it first, okay?

Noisemakers S2E7: Islands

Aug 6, 2013

Nick "Diamonds" Thorburn performs "Shotgun Vision" in our neighbourhood chair graveyard.

Noisemakers S2E6: DIANA

Jul 26, 2013

Toronto's fast-rising synth-pop four-piece gets sweaty with us in their garage practice space.

tonstartssbandht noisemakers

Noisemakers S2E5: Tonstartssbandht

Jul 19, 2013

Meet Edwin and Andy White. They're brothers, they're brilliant, and they're jamming in our kitchen.

Noisemakers S2E4: Vinyl Williams

Jul 12, 2013

Enjoy a perfect mind-freeing trip, complements of L.A.'s young psychedelic savant.

Noisemakers S2E3: Rachel Zeffira

Jul 4, 2013

Rachel Zeffira treats us to a beautifully ornate performance in a work-in-progress art gallery.

Noisemakers S2E2: Hooded Fang

Jun 27, 2013

Hooded Fang rip through a song about living in a basement in their actual basement.