Noisemakers S1E9: Cadence Weapon

Jul 11, 2012

Cadence Weapon took over a dilapidated abandoned building to perform Hope In Dirt City highlight “Conditioning” and talk to us about the Canadian rap scene, being the “black AC/DC” and music as his lifelong document.

Noisemakers S1E8: Wilderness of Manitoba

Jun 11, 2012

Before we caught Wilderness of Manitoba's rousing performance at Steam Whistle's UNSIGNED #22, we sat down to discuss the positive influence of Toronto, the Arcade Fire, and music in their lives.

Noisemakers S1E7: Kid Koala

May 28, 2012

Eric San has everything a successful turntablist needs: lightning-quick fingers, a bottomless crate of vinyl, and a fuzzy Koala costume.

Noisemakers S1E6: Jason Collett

May 7, 2012

Sitting in the pew of an empty church, Jason Collett keeps circling back to one feeling: gratitude. Along with our discussion, the singer-songwriter performs two unreleased tracks on acoustic guitar for us – “I Wanna Rob a Bank” and “Sailor Boy.”

Noisemakers S1E5: PS I Love You

Apr 23, 2012

Confronting the void with apocalyptic pop, PS I Love You have been consistently destroying eardrums since their striking 2010 debut Meet Me at the Muster Station. We thought we’d take them out of the musty bars and into our home – or more specifically, our backyard.

Noisemakers S1E4: Michael Kiwanuka

Apr 2, 2012

Our cameras caught rising British singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka performing the stunning “I’ll Get Along” to a small, private audience of major record label representatives and industry folk during Canadian Music Week 2012.

Noisemakers S1E3: Little Scream

Mar 23, 2012

Amidst rows upon rows of records new and old, Laurel Sprengelmeyer performs The Golden Record cut “Your Radio” for our cameras.

Noisemakers S1E2: Luke Lalonde of Born Ruffians

Mar 2, 2012

“What validates you?” A hard question to be sure, but Luke Lalonde has a simple answer: music.

Noisemakers S1E1: Eight and a Half

Feb 10, 2012

Eight and a Half is made up of Broken Social Scene's drummer (Justin Peroff) and two members from recently-disbanded group The Stills (Liam O'Neil and Dave Hamelin). That might colour Eight and a Half as some disgruntled side project – it isn't.