Band 2 Band - Joywave

Band 2 Band: Joywave are saving the world with their moustache

Jul 23, 2015

Joywave's Daniel Armbruster and Sean Donnelly have a heart to heart and have a staring contest in this episode of Band 2 Band.

MS MR - Band 2 Band

Band 2 Band: MS MR describe How Does It Feel using only animals

Jul 13, 2015

Trading body parts! Changing the course of humanity! Animals! Fun! All these things and more in Band 2 Band with MS MR.

Band 2 Band - No Joy

Band 2 Band: No Joy show off all the awards they definitely won

Jul 6, 2015

No Joy try to find positive things to say about each other. They struggle. A lot.

Band 2 Band: Metz

Band 2 Band: METZ talk rough spooning and their struggle to avoid techno free jazz

Apr 30, 2015

METZ discuss the perfect form of spooning and some questionable things at the Denver airport.

Speedy Ortiz - Band 2 Band

Band 2 Band: The dirt on Speedy Ortiz’s embarrassing musical past

Apr 16, 2015

Listen and learn about Speedy Ortiz before all your cool friends do­.

Death Cab For Cutie - Band 2 Band

Band 2 Band: Death Cab For Cutie talk life on Mars and an incredibly strange run

Mar 25, 2015

The Mars One mission is a total mess, but that's not going to stop Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard from moving there and beaming songs back to earth.


Band 2 Band: BADBADNOTGOOD share some wisdom from Ghostface Killah

Mar 5, 2015

Take it from BADBADNOTGOOD, if your friend is in jail, asking musicians to talk to the cops isn't the best way to get them out.

Until The Ribbon Breaks - Band 2 Band

Band 2 Band: Until The Ribbon Breaks never stop laughing

Feb 5, 2015

The Welsh trio grab hold of The Jar and reveal a surprising amount about their "bits."

PUP - Band 2 Band

Band 2 Band: PUP talk ghost fetishes and puking Jägermeister

Jan 7, 2015

PUP shares some strong words of advice from their moms in this episode of Band 2 Band.