JAIN performs “Makeba” and explains why music is her medicine

Oct 26, 2016

You may not have heard of JAIN yet. If you're from France, it's a different story. Following her career, you'd notice a similar trajectory as fellow French musician Christine and the Queens. Both became massively popular in their native country with their debut album, then a year later released it to different markets and began their global takeover. With JAIN's blend of tropical beats, reggae influences, retro, indie rock and pop music, she'll be sure to get you bouncing at her next concert.

JAIN stopped by our office to perform her single "Makeba" for us, and boy, did she ever light up the building. Her music is infectious and her choruses will be stuck in your head for days (I've had the chorus of lead single "Come" stuck in my head for a week now).

In our interview, she spoke candidly about how her life experiences of travelling and living in different countries shaped her as a person and directly influenced her music. JAIN also pinpoints one moment where her career really started to lift off, which came as a surprise to herself and everyone around her. For the time being, acquaint yourself with the warm and friendly musician who will be everywhere before you know it.

JAIN's debut album Zanaka is out now on Spookland Records.

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