RAPID FIRE: Bishop Briggs reveals the way to her heart

Aug 17, 2016
Rapid Fire gets our favourite artists to answer hard-hitting questions about their childhood, imagination, and the future, as fast as they can before our non-existent timer runs out.

Bishop Briggs has four songs to her name and in September she'll be performing to 20,000+ people per night. That's quite the tour, considering a year prior the project Bishop Briggs didn't exist. But you can see why those songs have taken off as they have. Songs like "River" come rushing at you like a tidal wave, soulful and moody before sweeping you off your feet. Mixing minimalist trap beats with vocals akin to Florence Welch is a unique but thrilling combination.

As someone who grew up in the '90s, Sarah McLaughlin, a.k.a. Bishop Briggs, knows a thing or two about those incredible years to be growing up. She recalls the turn of the millennium and her favourite thing about it, the worst thing she ever did in front of her parents, and the way to make her the happiest. She also briefly (this is Rapid Fire after all) explains her struggle of attending elementary school. I'm sure those people that provided her with those bad memories are now sinking into their chair as she belts it out in front of huge crowds across the nation.

Bishop Briggs - Pray (Empty Gun) (Audio)

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