Noisemakers: Clairmont The Second performs “A Declaration” and “Coolest Loser”

Jun 29, 2016
Noisemakers captures performances by our favourite emerging artists, off-stage and up-close.

It's undeniable that there's a spotlight on Toronto right now. But while international media has a hard time looking past OVO's co-sign, there's a burgeoning community of young artists doing their own thing that's as, if not more, exciting. We met up with rapper/producer/recent high school graduate Clairmont The Second, one of our favourite new artists from the city, and brought him to the Amazonian jungle (okay, maybe not actually, but Dynasty is close enough) to play two songs from his upcoming album Quest for Milk and Honey (out July 3). You might have seen a few clips on his Snapchat.

In Clairmont's succulent performance of "A Declaration" (above) and "Coolest Loser" (below), his words glide smoothly across his trickling beats, like water rushing down a waterslide. His infectious charisma and Super Smash Bros referencing lyrics will win you over instantly, so get used to hitting that play button a few times. Clairmont plays his first headlining show July 28, but he's been stealing shows at festivals and mixed bills and it's only a matter of time before everyone's onto him.

Spell his name correctly. Clairmont The Second.

Clairmont The Second performs "Coolest Loser" | Noisemakers

Shot By: Ryan Parker and Kyle McCreight
Directed and Edited by: Ryan Parker
Audio Engineering: Paul Mack

Clairmont The Second's Quest for Milk and Honey is out July 3rd.

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