Band 2 Band: Tiny Moving Parts talk drunken family food fights

Jun 1, 2016
Our video series Band 2 Band helps artists learn more about each other in the most natural way we could think of: by pulling questions out of a jar and asking them to each other.

Dylan Mattheisen, William "Bill" Chevalier and Matthew Chevalier make up the Minnesota family band Tiny Moving Parts. Their frantic, energetic, sparkling melodies are on full display with their new album Celebrate, and that same spark and energy are alive and present when you meet them. Beaming smiles, warm handshakes, and good jokes are the norm.

On Band 2 Band they laid it all on the table. Being family, they're bound to have shared a few life experiences together (including neverending tours). And boy, did we get the details. How about that time Dylan went streaking for a half-mile? Or the family food fight at Christmas? Waking up under the stairs by the law enforcement? All of that and plenty more await you above.

Tiny Moving Parts new album Celebrate is out now on Triple Crown Records.
Tiny Moving Parts - "Headache" (Official Video)

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