Band 2 Band: Modern Baseball on the lamest things they’ve done to impress a girl

Apr 27, 2016
Our video series Band 2 Band helps artists learn more about each other in the most natural way we could think of: by pulling questions out of a jar and asking them to each other.

Hanging out with Modern Baseball will make you the happiest person. Brendan Lukens (guitar, vocals), Jake Ewald (guitar, vocals), Sean Huber (drums, vocals) and Ian Farmer (bass, vocals) make up this indie rock quartet out of Philadelphia. It's been a rollercoaster ride for the group, but here they are, genuinely grateful and amazed to be where they are, two weeks away from the release of their highly anticipated third album, Holy Ghost.

It wasn't easy getting over the border before this Toronto shoot, but things kicked into gear the second they pulled that first question out of our magic fishbowl. It felt like this was the moment they were waiting for, because it wasn't so much an interview as a chance to shoot the shit with their best friends.

Modern Baseball discuss their best party moves, life skills they need to improve on, and rank the best and worst people to sleep with in the band. When it ended, they said they wanted to bring all the Band 2 Band questions to their next interview and say "here, we have a better idea." So future interviewers, you're welcome.

Modern Baseball's Holy Ghost is out May 13th on Run For Cover.
Modern Baseball - Apple Cider, I Don't Mind

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