Top 10 Pop Songs Written By Indie Artists

Apr 1, 2016

As much as we like to glamorize it, the music industry is a tough battleground. What’s an indie rocker to do when they need a little bit of side dough? Get a job sweeping the studio? No, they quietly join the big leagues by writing a pop song. Get the money but don’t have to deal with the perils of stardom - it’s the best of both worlds.

As you're sitting there dancing in your chair, listening to that heat-seeking pop song, you might have no clue who actually wrote it. Ever check the liner notes? For all the #1s being cranked out by Swedish hit factories, many major label superstars are searching in the underground for their secret ingredient. Maybe your guilty pleasure isn't so guilty after all.

So, as you search for the credits on Discogs, we've made things a bit easier. Here, from 10 to 1, are Chart Attack's Top 10 pop songs written by indie artists*.

*Adapted from 10 Glossy Pop Songs Written by Indie Artists.

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