Noisemakers: Toronto supergroup Darlene Shrugg premiere two new songs

Feb 25, 2016
Noisemakers captures performances by our favourite emerging artists, off-stage and up-close.

Nothing on record, nothing streaming, nothing on YouTube. Other than the one song we premiered last year, the only way to hear Darlene Shrugg, until now, was to go see them play. That changes today as we premiere two new songs, the psychedelic "Wah Wah" and the towering riff beast"First World Blues," the way they were meant to be heard: live.

We called Darlene Shrugg's live show "a force to reckon with" in our Canadian bands to watch in 2016. These two videos prove exactly that. Now you can see exactly what you get when you combine the immense talents of east end Toronto titans Slim Twig, Meg Remy of U.S. Girls, Amanda Crist and Carlyn Bezic of Ice Cream, and the lowkey best drummer in Toronto, Simone TB of The Highest Order and Fake Palms.

We unleashed that force in a loft overlooking Dupont - an explosion of outsider classic rock layered with punchy, unpredictable hooks. It pairs perfectly with a glass of whiskey and a view of the city. "Wah Wah," above, and "First World Blues," which you can view below, are both unreleased tracks from Darlene Shrugg's forthcoming debut album. Until then, find a way to see this band live.

Darlene Shrugg perform "First World Blues" in a loft | Noisemakers

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