Top 10 Bands That Survived Failed Romance

Feb 19, 2016

Breaking up is hard to do, but it's even harder if you play in a band together. Once the deed is done, no one wants to hang out with their ex, let alone squeeze into cramped vans and recording studios with them. On the other hand, getting into a relationship with a bandmate or forming a band with your partner could work out to be something very special. Look at Matt and Kim, Arcade Fire, Mates of State and Yo La Tengo. They all made it work!

For every band that survived the music industry and their relationship, there's more that didn't. This is a celebration of love, er, love that didn't really work out. Here’s to the artists who’ve managed to put aside post-breakup pettiness in the interest of making great music. Just hit play on the video above.

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