Top 10 Bands That Got Better After Their Lead Singer Left

Feb 5, 2016

It’s a tricky proposition to carry on as a band after your lead singer leaves. Some groups have done it with textbook grace. Think AC/DC, whose Brian Johnson era is as classic as Bon Scott's tenure. Others, on the other hand, impaled themselves trying the same manoeuvre. INXS turned it into a reality show.

From classic to contemporary, there's a long list of bands that had to cycle through singers until they landed on the perfect candidate. Some decided to go without a lead singer at all. In this Top 10, we count down the bands that made the best career decision of their lives: can the dude front and centre. While you're watching, try to imagine how the conversations went when that precious frontperson found out their services were no long needed. No one's safe out there.

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