RAPID FIRE: Raury explains why you should stop griping about millennials

Nov 18, 2015
Rapid Fire gets our favourite artists to answer hard-hitting questions about their childhood, imagination, and the future, as fast as they can before our non-existent timer runs out.

19-year old Atlanta musician Raury has a radiating positivity has a profound effect on you after he's gone. His blend of folk, hip-hop, spoken word and soul is fairly hard to pin down under one genre. But hanging out with him for even a short period of time is easy to summarize with one word: spiritual.

In Rapid Fire, Raury, more than anyone who has appeared on it in the past, took the name of the series to heart. We hit a record number of questions in just the first minute. In this short but rich interview, he tells us about the power of millennials, his main (and surprising) downside to being vegan, and the horrible effect soy will have on your... well... why don't you watch and find out. It might just make you feel bad for not accomplishing more by now.

Raury's All We Need is out now on Columbia Records.
Raury - God's Whisper (Official Video)

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