Ask A Band: Christine and the Queens gives advice on awkward situations

Nov 11, 2015
Life is complicated and full of tough questions. We seek answers from people we respect, so who better to turn to than your favourite artists?

Héloïse Letissier is more or less a celebrity in her native country of France. Here in North America, we're only beginning to realize that Christine and the Queens is a magical gift to our lives. It's like living your life for a couple of decades and then finally realizing how good guacamole tastes. She's genuine, hilarious and her music will make you shoulder dance wherever you may be seated.

We imagined someone with that kind of following and status would have more than a few words of advice. This is why we asked Christine for some help. We, along with her fans, have a lot of questions that need answered. How do I use haters to my advantage? What should I do when I go to a party and don't know how to talk to anyone? Important life lessons that not many people have the answer to. But she does.

Christine and the Queens' self-titled debut album is out now on Because Music.
Christine and the Queens - Jonathan (Clip Officiel)

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