Band 2 Band: CHVRCHES advise against joining a cult

Oct 14, 2015
Our video series Band 2 Band helps artists learn more about each other in the most natural way we could think of: by pulling questions out of a jar and asking them to each other.

You'd have to try really hard to not like CHVRCHES music. I just want to bathe in their ebullient, beaming synth-pop. It makes you feel like you're levitating in wonderland, which is exactly what I want to happen every time I listen to music.

You'd have to try even harder to not feel welcome by the band members presence. Last time around we got the Scottish trio to give life advice to their fans, which went incredibly well. This time, we thought they deserved to get to know each other a tiny bit more. This interview did exactly that. Like, did you know Lauren Mayberry is oblivious to world class luge puns? Or that Martin Doherty is indisputable best friends with a certain star of soul? They now do.

What more could you ask for? A few more things, actually. Hit play to see.

CHVRCHES new album Every Open Eye is out now on Glassnote Records.
CHVRCHES answers all your life questions | Ask A Band

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