Ask A Band: FIDLAR give advice on meeting girls and growing up

Oct 9, 2015
Life is complicated and full of tough questions. We seek answers from people we respect, so who better to turn to than your favourite artists?

FIDLAR may be the quintessential party band. Their music at anytime can be found pumping out of Harbord Street keggers and college dorm rooms. It's rough around the edges, packed to the brim with heat, and gets you moving. When we sat lead singer Zac Carper in a beach chair not on the beach, we just knew there were a bunch of questions he had the answer to.

The band may provide tunes for the PBR-pounding partygoers, but they have more life experience than most 20-somethings. We wanted them to get a chance to speak to their fans directly and share their wisdom. And what is it that these fresh faced 18 to 21-year-olds are looking to learn in life? Well, beer, weed and relationships mostly. Zac dives in and lets you know how to overcome your nervousness around girls, fighting bullies, and using a fake ID. It'll be the best worst advice you've ever received.

FIDLAR's sophomore album Too is out now on Dine Alone Records.

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