RAPID FIRE: Joe Mande is scared of getting beat up by 12-year-olds

Sep 30, 2015
Rapid Fire gets our favourite artists and comedians to answer hard-hitting questions about their childhood, imagination, and the future, as fast as they can before our non-existent timer runs out.

His name is Joe Mande, also known as The Drake of Comedy (a fitting title when he landed in Toronto for a run of JFL42 shows.) He's a wizard of speaking words that make you laugh. He was a writer on Parks and Recreation and one time he tried to raise $1 million on Kickstarter to fund a podcast. The risks and challenges he listed? "If I don't make one million dollars, I will not host a podcast." The funding was unsuccessful, but the campaign was a wild ride.

Mande sat down with us to engage in the fastest moving interview he's ever done (I have no claims to back this up, I'm just putting it out there and inviting people to refute this.) Along the way we learn that his grandparents don't like him and he's scared shitless of 12-year-olds. He has five words of advice that will help absolutely nobody, and for you pet lovers out there, take note: he's got the perfect way to gain a pet's affection.

Joe Mande Can't Cook While High

Special thanks to Fran's Restaurant for hosting us. You can almost smell the delicious breakfast in the video.

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