Absolutely Free live soundtracks Norman McLaren’s Spheres

Sep 4, 2015

It's the one year anniversary of Absolutely Free's hypnotic live scoring of Norman McLaren films that was performed on King Street in Toronto. So today we reveal the final instalment from the other-worldly performance series. Spheres is like a bunch of moons merging and multiplying on a back drop of uninhabited psychedelic space. McLaren's films are impossible to escape as they attract your undivided attention, and Absolutely Free take the world he's built into another dimension.

Last year was the centenary of Norman McLaren, the incredibly influential Canadian film artist whose animated films for the National Film Board of Canada shaped the worlds of cinema, music and art. To celebrate, last September the Toronto International Film Festival commissioned a special multimedia live film/music event called Re-sounding The Films of Norman McLarenfeaturing Absolutely Free. The Toronto astro-beat three-piece created spacey, psychedelic new soundtracks to seven of McLaren's works and scored them live against projections of the original films.

Watch the two previous films below.



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