RAPID FIRE: Shamir really likes Grimes and Mac DeMarco

Jul 31, 2015
Rapid Fire gets our favourite artists to answer hard-hitting questions about their childhood, imagination, and the future, as fast as they can before our non-existent timer runs out.

Shamir is a versatile performer. He can do slow-burning synth ballads, laid-back funk, upbeat kiss-off anthems, even country. But what keeps it all together is his likeability. He's so darn cute, you just want to hug him. That's good, because his live shows include plenty of hugging. He hugs his fans, his band, the other performers on the bill, even the guy that's about to sit him down for a round of Rapid Fire.

We caught up with the 20-year-old performer at the inaugural Bestival Toronto to ask him about his best friends, his gluten-free diet, the island of Ratchet, his favourite reality shows (he loves I Love New York), and celebrity crushes. It turns out he's just like us. He follows Grimes on Twitter and wants Mac DeMarco at his next birthday party.

Just try to watch this interview without hugging your screen.

Shamir's debut album Ratchet is out now on XL.

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