Mac DeMarco: Red Carpet Correspondent at the 2015 Junos

Mar 16, 2015

What happens when Mac DeMarco agrees to be your red carpet correspondent for the Junos? You hand him a selfie stick and tell him there are no rules. What happens when you're Mac DeMarco and you're nominated for a Juno? Well, no one knows who you are anyway. They think you're Mark DeMarco, or Matt DeMarco, or maybe even Macklemore. In the face of adversity, you push back with selfies and more selfies. You don't stop. Even when Deadmau5 and Magic! blow you off, you don't stop.

Being a reporter is a tough job and Mac learned that the hard way. Teen dream artists like Shawn Mendes only belong to their fans, Alanis Morissette has done this too many times to bother with press, and Chad Kroeger didn't even show up. But that didn't stop Mac. He pushed through all the hardships and came out on top.

Ladies and gentlemen, reigning world selfie stick champion, Mac DeMarco.

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