VIDEO REVIEW: Merchandise’s After The End gets cooked on the grill

Sep 9, 2014

We looked at the 45-day trend on the Weather Network, which we learned isn't actually a thing, and found that the seasonal temperatures would drop relatively soon. So we figured what better way to celebrate the currently nice weather than by cooking some dogs on the grill? This could be our last chance!

Chris Locke came in, floral apron and chef's hat glued to his body, and turned the heat up to 10. He lets us know how he feels about the jangly new "big room" album After The End by former punks Merchandise and cooks up a juicy beef dog while doing so. But how will it taste? Find out in this episode of MASTER CHE The Chris Locke Show.

Chris Locke's new album The World Is Embarrassing is out now on iTunes. Watch him review Ty Segall's Manipulator here.
Merchandise's After The End is out now via 4AD.

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