VIDEO REVIEW: Chris Locke reviews Ariana Grande’s My Everything at the BBQ

Aug 25, 2014

Arguably the world's biggest pop star right now, Ariana Grande walks a fine line on an Icelandic volcano between pre-teens screaming at 130 decibels and the one statistically cool guy in your friend group who's been saying Ariana is incredible ever since her debut album Yours Truly because becoming a fan after she released "Problem" is so lamestream.

This is when Chris Locke comes in with a hot dog in one hand and a CD player in the other. He will settle it once and for all. Will Ariana tip over and fall into the volcano, landing in the arms of 1000 pre-teens, or will she stay cool and walk away unscathed? Find out in this episode of the Chris Locke show where he reviews the new album My Everything.

Chris Locke's new album The World Is Embarrassing is out now on iTunes. Watch him review Ab-Soul's These Days here.
Ariana Grande's My Everything is out now via Republic Records.

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