NXNE 2014: Baby Eagle & The Weather Station perform “Mule in the Flowers”

Jul 8, 2014

America. Freedom. The Miracle of Life. Patriotism. Obama. These are all words that immediately come to mind when you think of a baby eagle. These are also all wrong answers on your fill in the blank test about who Baby Eagle are.

At our NXNE event at Sonic Boom, Steve Lambke of Baby Eagle (and the recently reunited Constantines) was joined on stage by The Weather Station's Tamara Lindeman. Together they performed the slow-burning, beautiful "Mule in the Flowers," then joined Chris Locke outside to talk about the children in the sky flipping them off. You'll see.

Baby Eagle's Bone Soldiers is available on Bandcamp as well as The Weather Station's All Of It Was Mine, both via You've Changed.    |     Chris Locke's album The World Is Embarrassing is available on iTunes.

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