NXNE 2014: Army Girls perform new song “Quarantine State” live at Sonic Boom

Jul 8, 2014

There's a running joke around the Chart Attack offices that DIANA are our house band. So when we threw our NXNE showcase at Sonic Boom, we instead reached out to Carmen Elle's other (awesome) band, Army Girls. Elle's duo with drummer Andy Smith has been on the down-low for a couple of years as DIANA soared, but they showed no rust playing the great new song "Quarantine State."

After all was said and done, we sent comedian Chris Locke to shoot the shit with the pair about Bob Marley, seitan and tipping the velvet. Here's hoping this means Army Girls are back to stay.

Army Girls' 2011 EP Close To The Bone is available on Bandcamp via Blocks Recording Club.    |     Chris Locke's album The World Is Embarrassing is available on iTunes.

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