NXNE 2014: Weaves perform “Hulahoop” live at Sonic Boom

Jul 7, 2014

The most impressive feat of Weaves is being able to Google them and find their music instead of actual hair weaves. I'm happy for their success, but someone who is even more excited is comedian Chris Locke, who said that Weaves are his favourite band, and then proceeded to gush over them in this interview (by cracking them up).

Weaves took to the stage at our NXNE event at Sonic Boom Records, equipped with one hollow body Framus guitar (amongst other musical instruments), one of the strangest, most compelling frontpeople in music right now, and one man who knows how to make cool music by breathing(?)/yelling(?) into said guitar.

Weaves' self-titled EP is available on Bandcamp.  Read our UNCHARTED profile of the band here.    |     Chris Locke's album The World Is Embarrassing is available on iTunes.

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